4 Mistakes That Can Bring Down Your Home’s Value

Posted by Ekta Sharma // February 14, 2018

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The temptation to make your home stand out from other properties in the neighborhood is sometimes irresistible. You believe if your home had distinctive features you will add a lot of value and drive up the asking price substantially. But when you put your ‘unique’ home on the market, these unique features can actually drive […]

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Doing Your Homework Before You Search for Homes for Sale in the Tri-Cities Area

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // February 7, 2018

Finding a place to settle down requires balancing many factors. You must consider everything from an area’s employment opportunities and schools to more mundane things such as the weather and the traffic. For many, it is also important to choose an area that offers something unique regarding the local landscape or culture. In Washington State, […]

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5 ‘Unconventional’ Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Ekta Sharma // January 31, 2018

Most people believe social media to be the most effective way to promote a real estate business. Nothing could be further from the truth. While social media can play an important role, there are many other strategies in today’s age of technology that can generate a lot of interest in your brand, helping your reach […]

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2018 Housing Poised for Slow and Steady Gains

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // January 24, 2018

The 2017 real estate market, characterized by a relentless listings shortage, surging home prices and a noisy political climate fueling uncertainty about the future, wasn’t without its challenges. Real estate professionals have weathered years far less rosy. With a strong economy propelling job growth (and putting unemployment at a 17-year low), we find 2018 housing poised for slow and steady gains.  Perhaps a little […]

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6 Tips for Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // January 19, 2018

Are you getting ready to sell your house? Unless you are going to sell your house yourself, you will want a real estate agent. Based on our experience working with many agents we have 7 tips for finding a great real estate agent that is right for you. Ability The first agent we invited to […]

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Considering Homes for Sale in Walla Walla? Here’s What to Know

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // January 10, 2018

Everyone dreams of owning a home in a beautiful part of the country — and for those who’ve set their sights on the Pacific Northwest, there’s never a shortage of natural beauty. Nowhere is that more evident than in scenic Walla Walla, home to one of Washington’s fastest growing wine industries. With excellent schools, a […]

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Hidden Fees Can Ruin Real Estate Income

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // January 3, 2018

Sam and Holly’s parents are retired, and many years ago they planned for their retirement by buying real estate. They found that every rental property they owned needs treating as its own individual business. Like any business, you need to know everything that impacts your bottom line. In many cases they found Hidden Fees Can Ruin Real […]

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Fixing the Water Leak

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // December 27, 2017

Arturo bought a house in SE Washington to rehab. He inspected the house, and the plumbing looked fine, at least what he could see. Then he went to the water meter and noted the dials. He wrote the figures down, made sure the water was not running in any of the faucets and came back […]

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Misinformation and Myth About Getting a Loan

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // December 20, 2017

When Sam and Holly went out to their local bank and mortgage banks, they ran into a lot of jargon. To them that was one of the most intimidating aspects of getting a loan,  is trying to sift between jargon and fact. They found there was plenty of misinformation and myth about getting a loan. If […]

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A Local Bank or a Mortgage Broker

Posted by Jeff Eichorst // December 13, 2017

Sam and Holly were looking for financing on their first house and didn’t know if they should use the two main lending options, a local bank or a mortgage broker.  While they both perform the same basic functions how they go about it is often much different.  It makes sense to try the local bank […]

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